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video Features is the industry's leading School Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS). also provides key ERP features and allows you to seamlessly manage your fee collection process.

To learn more about the various features of simply hover over the links to the left!

Absence & Late Records Management

Skoolmate helps you keep track of all student and staff absences and tardies (late arrivals). Using skoolmate you can generate weekly, monthly, term-wise or annual reports. The reports can be for the a single student, an entire class, grade or the entire school.

In the case of staff and teachers, the information recorded for absences and tardies will be used by the payroll application for the appropriate deductions as per the policy of the school.

Curriculum / Syllabus Management

Skoolmate gives you a convenient way to list the curriculum/syllabus for every single subject at your school. The curriculum can be viewed by students and parents and by viewing the curriculum information with the daily portions being covered, students, parents and the Administration would have a clear and unambiguous view of the progress made in each subject/course.

Daily portions Management

If your child missed class today, simply login to and review what was covered in each class for the day! Teachers will enter the daily portions covered for each subject and this ensure that parents and students and the Administration can track the progress made each day by every single teacher for every single subject.

Grades Management

Using students and parents can view grades for tests, projects, assignments, exams or any other grade from the gradebook as soon as they are entered into the system by the teacher. Teachers now have a powerful tool to enter and disseminate grades.

Since maintains all grades for all courses, our avanced analytics can help Academic Heads and Principals to drill down into this database to better understand the performance of students and can arrive at many different correlations to help improve the overall performane of students and teachers.

Homework Management allows students and parents to receive and view all homework for all subjects. Teachers will need to enter the homework just once and ensures that this information is available to all relevant students and parents instantly and accurately.

Student Information Management allows you to manage all information relating to students. Students can manage their own profile information this allowing all information relating to students to be completely current.

Time table Management allows you to manage the timetable for all class levels and sections.'s time table system allows you to manage the schedule graphically.

Auto-attendance Management provides you with a fully automated attendance system. Students will carry an electronic tag and as soon as the student crosses into the school they are immediately tracked and their attendance is marked instantly. Parents receive an SMS instantly when their children arrive and leave school each day. net's attendance system allows you to track and manage the attendance of all staff and teachers in addition to tracking students. This information is integrated into's payroll system.

Events Management allows you to inform all students, parents, teachers and staff about all School events. eliminates the need to send any printed notices as the event notices can be sent either via email or via sms through's web-integrated SMS system.

Fee Management

Using you can issue electronic or hardcopy fee invoices and can track fee receivables by integrating with your Bank's MIS system. also tags each fee invoice with a unique tracking QR code so that you can track fee payments instantly without the need of any data entry. We can also provide Barcode tracking in place of QR. allows you to send fee payment reminders either individually or to the entire school through its web-integrated SMS system.

Health Records Management

Using, you can maintain the health records for all students in the school. You can track vaccinations and specific health problems across the board.

Library Management allows you to manage your library collections and also provides you with the necessary functions to manage library book loans and helps you track your library collection.

Payroll Management provides full-featured payroll processing. Using you can now manage the payroll for all your staff and teachers including the management of loans, absence/leave, provident fund and tax deductions. Payslips can be issued on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis and can be sent to the employees' email or can be printed off in hardcopy format.

Planning Tools provides every user with key planning tools such as a personalized Calendar, and reminder and to-do systems. This allows users to manage their activities and to set reminders for themselves to cover all aspects of school life!